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Worm Kätzchen

Lilyalso known as Flechettewas a member of the New York Wards. She initially hoped she could become friends with Shadow Stalkerthe only other female Worm Kätzchen her age Worm Kätzchen Brockton Bay. She noted that her work Worm Kätzchen "drain the life out of her if she had no friends to do it with". However, she was shocked by how comfortable with violence Shadow Stalker was.

Lily was a lesbian, and was immediately just click for source to Parian when they met. She was willing to risk getting into trouble with the Wards Worm Kätzchen order to befriend her.

Lily is described as a Japanese-American girl, of above average height. As Flechette, she wore a skintight, [4] deep purple [5] costume with a visor, [4] quiver, and narrow platinum-white armor panels that flared out at the upper edges and tapered at the bottom - mimicking the vague shape of an arrow or darts.

She carried a Tinker-made arbalest to launch needles three feet long — needles that Worm Kätzchen the effects of her power, ignore Worm Kätzchen, and benefited from her secondary power of enhanced sense of angles and timing. The arbalest produced an unlimited supply of sturdy chain, and her needles remained fused in place Worm Kätzchen they hit, allowing her to use it as a grappling hook as well click a weapon.

She also carried nine-inch throwing darts, her primary weapon before she acquired the arbalest. After Lily became Foil, Worm Kätzchen donned a black costume with asymmetrical belts, Worm Kätzchen, armor and gloves. She also wore a black opaque mask with silver trim at the edges.

As a weapon, she used thrown blades augmented with Worm Kätzchen rapier [6]the same tools she originally used when she first discovered her powers. Lily has Worm Kätzchen ability to temporarily imbue nonliving material with the power to ignore select laws of physics. Most notably, they could punch through anything. If her power wore off while an object was moving through another, it would be stuck in Worm Kätzchen. She could use her ability on her costume to reduce the effects of friction or make her shoes bite into surfaces.

Another trick she could do was to make her costume frictionless and allow her Worm Kätzchen move around. Scion described her power as "charging objects with energy [ Her power is ineffective against intangible abilities. Lily also has an intuitive understanding of angles, trajectories and an enhanced sense of timing that she uses Worm Kätzchen aiming and applying her power.

Foil can destroy Worm Kätzchen Endbringer's core if it is exposed. Using her power on Chevalier's sword would have broken it, [15] This is due Worm Kätzchen the fact that Flechette'a ability Worm Kätzchen warp space beat Chevalier's, much like the Endbringer's core was able to withstand Chevalier's Worm Kätzchen. It caused the Siberian to flicker and vanish on contact, [6] and Lily would have Worm Kätzchen a similar effect on Clockblocker 's field.

The Entities referred to her power as "Sting". It Worm Kätzchen originally used for fighting other Entities. This article is in need of a clean-up. You can help out Worm Wiki by correcting falsehoods, checking grammar and spelling, adding citations, and doing other helpful things to improve the Worm Kätzchen. She triggered 3 years prior to the start of Worm, as part of a group trigger in New York.

One of Worm Kätzchen old nemeses, Marchwas another part of that group trigger. Deployed to Brockton Bay, Flechette pulled Parian away from Bambina at the cape Worm Kätzchen before the fight with Leviathan started.

She was able to reliably damage to the Endbringer. Was brought onto the Brockton Bay Wards team. Almost succeeded in capturing Worm Kätzchen, however Taylor talked her way out of it and shook Lily's belief in her own righteousness. She eventually talked about the incident with Ms. Participated in Worm Kätzchen fight at New Delhibeing outfitted with her flechettes by her old teammate Jouster.

Lily was 'visited' twice by March while she lived in Brockton Bay. On this second 'visit' Parian was kidnapped, presumably to lure in Foil. Has settled into a routine check this out Parian's lieutenant. She had takien to imbuing a dagger with her effect and letting Parian Worm Kätzchen it into her creations, like a fluffy scorpion.

During Worm Kätzchen battle against ScionKhepri noticed that he was dodging shots from Foil. When he gave up hope, Foil was able to wound him, Worm Kätzchen a hole to his true body Worm Kätzchen which he was destroyed.

Illustration by LinaLinZ on deviantart Add a photo to this gallery. Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Contents [ show ]. Illustration by LinaLinZ on deviantart. Illustration by kingdaume on deviantart. She triggered 3 years prior to her Worm Kätzchen, as part of a group trigger in New York.

One of her old nemeses, March, was another part of that group Worm Kätzchen. Technically, she was a striker, continue reading cape with Worm Kätzchen ability to apply some effect by touch or at Worm Kätzchen range. The striker classification could include certain breaker effects as they were applied to things other than the cape themselves, but not always. A cape with a ranged attack.

She infused the three-foot length of sharpened metal that was mounted in her arbalest with her power. The more power there was in it, the less it was affected by the natural laws of the universe. Focusing Worm Kätzchen power into an object meant Worm Kätzchen, air resistance and Worm Kätzchen physics held less and less sway over it.

She could tune it, make the effect longer lived, shorter lived or bias the effects to allow for more of one element or less of another. She could do other things, but the primary benefit, the easiest thing to do, was making her ammunition punch through anything. It would glue itself in place on impact, if she had the effect wear off at the right time, and she was very good at timing things.

She could charge the metal of her cleats so they bit into any surface, and though it was too slow Katzen Würmer können auf den Menschen übertragen werden, be used defensively Worm Kätzchen her foe telegraphed their attacks, she could make her costume frictionless. Who is explicitly affected by the conventional interpretation of the Manton effect?

The darts disappeared in midair, and splinters of wood and Worm Kätzchen stones dropped straight please click for source of the air where they had been. Gray Boy froze them in Worm Kätzchen. Dodging blows, to a minor extent.

I guess that works. I was actually wondering about sting. If Foil had Worm Kätzchen at the behemoth fight could she have finished behemoth when his core http://biber-consulting.de/kyvukiwa/bei-katzen-wuermer-wenn-die-betreffende-person-ueber.php exposed? The issue was Worm Kätzchen after they discovered the full ramifications of her powers, the Endbringers changed their methodology.

Sharks haven't evolved for aeons, because you can't get much better than a motherfucking shark. He handed her an arbalest, and a Worm Kätzchen of needle-like bolts. When she took the quiver, he gripped her wrist, speaking something in a low volume.

Infused them with the energy he was afraid of. It kept things from being  contained. Retrieved from " http:

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