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The history of the Jews in Speyer reaches back over 1, years. After many ups and downs throughout history, the community was totally wiped out in during the Holocaust. With the fall of the Iron Curtain in Jews again settled in Speyer and a first assembly took place in The earliest reference to Jewish settlement along the Rhine dates from the year in Cologneand it is assumed that Jews also lived in Speyer in Late Antiquity.

With the collapse of state and church administration in the Migration Period and Kind 6 Jahre Worms decline of the urban Roman lifestyle, it is also assumed that In einem Traum sah ich die Würmer zu dem, was es communities dispersed.

Jews resettled in the Rhine area coming from southern France where Roman life had more or less remained intact. Traveling Jewish merchants certainly would have had dependencies in Rhenish towns, even though the first branches are only mentioned in for Mainzand for Worms.

The first records of Jews in Speyer appear in the s. They were members of the renowned Kalonymos Kind 6 Jahre Worms of Mainz, which had migrated a century before from Italy. Other Jews from Mainz had possibly also settled Kind 6 Jahre Worms Speyer.

The actual history of the Jews in Speyer started inwhen Jews fleeing from pogroms in Mainz and Worms took refuge with their relatives in Speyer. They possibly came at the instigation of bishop Rüdiger Huzmann —who invited a larger number of Jews to live in his town with the expressed approval of emperor Henry IV.

In his privilege or charter Freiheitsbrief for the Jews, the bishop wrote:. In the name of the holy and undivided trinity, I, Rüdiger, with the surname Kind 6 Jahre Worms Huozmann, bishop of Speyer, in my endeavor to turn the village of Speyer into a city, believed to multiply its image a thousand times by also inviting Jews.

I had them settle outside the quarters of the other inhabitants and as not to have them disquieted by the insolence of the lowly folk I had them surrounded by a wall. Now the place of their habitation which I acquired justly for in the first place I obtained the hill partly with money and partly Kind 6 Jahre Worms exchange, while I received the valley by way of gift from some heirs that place, I say, I transferred to them on condition that they pay annually 3 ½ pounds in silver for the use of the brethren.

I have granted also to them within the district where they dwell, and from that district outside Kind 6 Jahre Worms town as far as the harbour, and within the harbour itself, full power to change gold Kind 6 Jahre Worms silver, and to buy Kind 6 Jahre Worms sell what they please.

And I have also given them license to do this throughout the state. Besides this I have given them land of the church for a cemetery with rights of inheritance. This also I have added that if any Jew should at any time stay with them he shall pay no thelony.

Then also just as the judge of the city hears cases between citizens, so Kind 6 Jahre Worms chief rabbi shall hear cases which arise between the Jews or against them. But if by chance he is unable to decide any of them they shall go to the bishop or his chamberlain. They shall maintain watches, guards, and Kind 6 Jahre Worms about their district, the guards in common with our vassals.

They may lawfully employ nurses Kind 6 Jahre Worms servants from among our people. Slaughtered meat which they may not eat according to their law they may lawfully sell to Christians, and Christians may lawfully buy it. Finally, to round out these concessions, I have granted that they may enjoy the same privileges as the Jews in any other city of Kind 6 Jahre Worms. Lest any of my successors diminish this gift and concession, or constrain them to pay greater taxes, alleging that they have usurped these privileges, and have no episcopal warrant for Kind 6 Jahre Worms, I have left this charter as a suitable testimony of the said grant.

And that this may never be forgotten, I have signed it, and confirmed Kind 6 Jahre Worms with my seal as may be seen below. Given on September 15,etc.

The settlement mentioned in Kind 6 Jahre Worms privilege is the former suburb of Altspeyer in the area to the east of today's railway station.

The "valley" refers either to a moat-like grove to the north of the Weidenberg today Hirschgraben or to the low areas around the stream of the Speyerbach. This walled settlement for Jews was well to the north outside the walls of the city proper and it is the first documented ghetto.

The charter granted by bishop Huzmann went well beyond contemporary practice anywhere else in the empire. The Jews of Speyer were allowed to carry out any kind of trade, exchange Kind 6 Jahre Worms and money, own land, have their own laws, justice system and administration, employ non-Jews as servants, and were not required to pay tolls or duties Kind 6 Jahre Worms the city's borders.

The reason for asking the Jews to come to Speyer was their important role in the Kind 6 Jahre Worms and trade businesses, especially with distant regions. Money lenders were needed on a large scale for the construction of the cathedral. The deliberate settlement of Jews was seen as a measure for business development. The Jews can also be regarded as pioneers of urban development in Germany.

With the aid of bishop Huzmann the Kind 6 Jahre Worms of Speyer had their rights and privileges confirmed and even expanded "sub tuicionem nostram reciperemus et teneremus" by Henry IV as he departed on his third punitive expedition to Italy in This Imperial Jews Charter was one of the first in Germany. The regulations concerned various political, legal, economical and religious aspects of life, most prominently free enterprise, the sale of goods to Christians and protection of property.

A new regulation was that Jews who acquired stolen goods had to sell them back at the same price if the former owner wished to buy them. This constituted a major improvement because it greatly reduced the business risk for the Jews Kind 6 Jahre Worms had often been Kind 6 Jahre Worms to accusations that they were dealing in stolen goods. In the event of disagreements between Jews and Christians from then on the "right of the concerned" was Kind 6 Jahre Worms be employed, which meant that Jews could also prove their case by oath or witness.

Trials by ordeal were forbidden. Jews were also allowed to address the emperor or the imperial court directly in case of difficulties.

Among each other they could use their own courts, which was to help avoid arbitrariness by Christian judges. Torture of any kind was strictly forbidden, and in the case of murder or injury the privilege stated that fines were to be paid to the emperor.

The privilege also introduced strict rules for baptisms. Forced baptisms of children were totally Kind 6 Jahre Worms. Jews voluntarily getting baptised were required to think it over for three days. Conversions were also made more difficult in that baptised Jews would lose their rights to inheritance. Basically, Kind 6 Jahre Worms regulations were meant to protect the size of the Jewish community and to ensure continued revenues. Jews were also allowed to employ Christian maids, Kind 6 Jahre Worms nurses and labourers in their homes as Kind 6 Jahre Worms as it was ensured that they could observe the Christian Sundays and holidays.

The two charters Kind 6 Jahre Worms and marked the Kind 6 Jahre Worms of the "golden era" of the Jews in Speyer which, with limitations, was to last into the 13th or 14th century. They also called for a sound Jewish community in the town by that time. According to these documents, an "Archisynagogos", also called a "Jews bishop" episcopus Iudeorum presided the administration as well as the court of the community.

He Kind 6 Jahre Worms elected by the community and confirmed by the bishop. Later, sources report of a "Jews council" of twelve presided by the Jews bishop who represented the community outside. In andthe authority of the Jews council was expressly confirmed by the city council of Speyer. Only six years after granting the first privileges for Jews in the empire a wave of pogroms swept the country, triggered by an epidemic of the plaguewhich was blamed on the Jews, and the First crusade.

The Jews of Speyer were among the first to be hit, but compared to the communities in Worms and Mainzwhich followed a few days later, they got off lightly. On 3 SourceCount Emicho of Leiningen stopped in Speyer on his way to the crusade and, together with burghers of Speyer and peasants from nearby, attacked the Jews and the synagogue.

This came to their attention, Kind 6 Jahre Worms they rose early in the morning, even on Sabbath, prayed briefly and left the synagogue. And when they the enemy noticed that their plan to seize them together couldn't be followed, they rose against them and killed eleven souls among them…. And it happened when Bishop John heard of this, he came with many troops and wholeheartedly stood by the community, he took them into his private quarters and saved them from their hands" Kind 6 Jahre Worms The bishop had the rioters punished severely and the Jews stayed in the bishop's palace on the northern side of the cathedral and in other nearby towns until the rage of the mob had subsided.

Taking this action, which the Jews paid him Kind 6 Jahre Worms, the bishop of Speyer Johann vom Kraichgau I, — prevented massacres and expulsions as happened in other cities of the Rhineland, thus saving himself and the town a valuable source of revenues.

Around the time of these events a second Jewish quarter was established in the vicinity of the cathedral along modern day Kleine Pfaffengasse which used to be the Judengasse Jews Alley while the settlement with a synagogue continued to exist in Altspeyer.

It is estimated that the Jewish community of Speyer consisted of to people. Aroundon the Judengasse today Pfaffengassethe Jews built the Judenhof Jewish courtyard as the centre of their community containing a mikveh with a pool at groundwater level for ritual baths, a men's and later a women's synagogue. The synagogue, designed and built by Kind 6 Jahre Worms same architects as the cathedral of Speyer, was consecrated on 21 Septembereleven years after the pogrom of It fell into disuse in the 16th century Kind 6 Jahre Worms its ruins today represent the oldest visible remnants of a mikveh in central Europe.

Today it is an archaeological heritage site and has Kind 6 Jahre Worms made accessible; the pool is still supplied by groundwater. Along Kind 6 Jahre Worms the Frisiansthe Jews made up the majority of the long distance merchants in the 11th and 12th centuries. Both groups had their headquarters in the merchant's quarters Kind 6 Jahre Worms at the free cathedral territory. Members of the Kalonymos family lived in Speyer at that time and took a leading part in the development of Jewish studies in Germany.

One example is Jekuthiel ben Mosesa liturgical poet and author of the reshut יראתי to Kalir 's More info for the feast of Rosh Hashana. A son of Jekuthiel named Moses of Speyer has been quoted as a high Talmudical authority.

Another Kalonymos from Speyer for some time was responsible for the finances of emperor Barbarossa. In these years the Jewish community of Speyer became one of the most significant in the Holy Roman Empire. It was an Kind 6 Jahre Worms centre for Torah studies and, in spite of pogroms, persecution and expulsion, it had considerable influence on the spiritual and cultural life of the city.

This was confirmed by Kind 6 Jahre Worms convention of Rabbis in Mainz. The three communities created a federation called "SHUM" שום: The SHUM-Cities had their own rite and were accepted as central authority in legal and das kann nicht mit den Würmern gefressen werden matters.

Speyer had renowned Jewish schools and a highly frequented Yeshiva. They had considerable influence on the development of Ashkenazi Kind 6 Jahre Worms. Yet, even in this flourishing period of the Speyer Jewry, there were outbursts of violence in during the Second Crusade Kind 6 Jahre Worms, in which not only laymen but also members of the clergy took part.

This came to the attention of Bernard of Clairvaux who wrote a letter of reproach to Bishop Günther. Among the victims of this pogrom was a woman named Minna, whose ears and tongue were cut off because she refused to submit to baptism. In the wake of the Kind 6 Jahre Worms Crusade in February the Jewish community of Speyer was subject to new persecutions during which nine Jews were killed.

Halevi himself was killed when he tried to interfere and recover his daughter's body from the mob. The Jews fled and their Kind 6 Jahre Worms were plundered and burned; the synagogue in Altspeyer was destroyed. When Emperor Henry VI returned from Apulia the perpetrators were compelled to pay damages to him as well as to the Jews.

Riots again occurred in Speyer in when Herbord, Ritter von der Ohm, accused the Jews of having murdered his grandson. The ensuing rage among the populace had Bishop Werner lay the matter before the Kind 6 Jahre Worms synod of Aschaffenburg on September 8, In the following year Emperor Rudolph approved the decision of this synod and ordered property to be taken from the Jews and reverted to the royal treasury.

As the persecutions in Speyer continued, the Jews decided to emigrate to the Holy Land ; the property of the few who actually succeeded was confiscated. On June 24,Rudolph issued another order for taxes, requiring the Jews of Speyer to maintain the newly established Fort and garrison of Landau.

At the beginning of the 14th century the powers of the emperor and the bishop were weakened; for a payment of Kind 6 Jahre Worms heller the city of Speyer took on the protection of the Jews, which proved as ineffectual as that of the bishop.

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Your input will affect cover photo selection, along with input from other users. April in Oslo war ein norwegischer Zoologe. Sein besonderes Interesse galt der Systematik der Krebstiere. Er besuchte ab die Kathedralschule in Bergen. Zwei Jahre später zog die Familie in die Hauptstadt Christiania, weil Michael Sars zum außerordentlichen Professor an der Königlichen Friedrichs-Universität ernannt worden war, und Ossian wechselte an die dortige Kathedralschule.

Ab studierte er in Christiania Medizin und Naturgeschichte. In seinen ersten Abhandlungen beschrieb er zahlreiche neue Arten von RuderfußkrebsenAsselnCumacea und Muschelkrebsen. Beginnend mit einem Stipendium für arbeitete Sars bis vorwiegend auf dem Gebiet der Fischereiwissenschaft. Er entdeckte, dass der Laich des Kabeljaus nahe der Oberfläche schwimmt und somit den Meeresströmungen ausgesetzt ist.

Bis Kind 6 Jahre Worms hatte man angenommen, dass er wie der des Atlantischen Herings auf den Grund sinkt und sich dort anhaftet. Sars stellte in den Folgejahren fest, dass die Eier nicht nur des Kabeljaus, sondern Kind 6 Jahre Worms aller in Norwegen wirtschaftlich genutzten Fischarten pelagisch sind. Er erforschte aber auch in dieser Zeit die Krebstiere und begründete in der zoologischen Systematik die Unterklasse der Myodocopa und die Ordnungen der Kiemenfüßer AnostracaNotostracaMyodocopidaPlatycopidaPodocopida und Lophogastrida Ossian Sars beendete in dieser Zeit mehrere begonnene Veröffentlichungen seines verstorbenen Vaters.

Er galt bereits als exzellenter Karzinologe, sodass ihm auch gesammeltes Material wissenschaftlicher Expeditionen übergeben wurde. Hier veröffentlichte click der nächsten Jahre mehrere Arbeiten über SchwebegarnelenCumacea, Asseln und Muschelkrebsedie er Kind 6 Jahre Worms seiner Reise mitgebracht hatte.

Jeweils in den Sommermonaten befuhr das Schiff das Europäische Nordmeer sowie Teile der östlichen Grönlandsee vor Spitzbergen und der westlichen Barentssee. Während Mohn sich für den Einfluss des Meeres auf das Klima Norwegens und für die Meeresströmungen interessierte, ging es Sars um die Aufklärung der Fischzüge und um die Entdeckung und Beschreibung noch unbekannter Meerestiere, insbesondere auch aus der Tiefsee.

Von Sars und seinen Kollegen wurden etwa neue Arten beschrieben. Während er mit der Vorbereitung und Leitung der Expedition beschäftigt war, veröffentlichte er ein umfangreiches Werk über Norwegens arktische Weichtiere. Sein Kind 6 Jahre Worms wissenschaftliches Http:// bestimmten zunehmend die Krebstiere.

Als international anerkannter Experte bearbeitete er das Material verschiedenster ausländischer Expeditionen, darunter auch der britischen Challenger-Expedition. Er verfasste zwölf Abhandlungen über Krebstiere aus dem Kaspischen Meerdie ihm verschiedene russische Expeditionen geschickt hatten, und weitere über solche aus afrikanischen Seen. Er begründete weitere Ordnungen wie die MonstrilloidaHarpacticoida und Calanoida Seit den er Jahren ließ er sich getrockneten Schlamm aus Seen auf verschiedenen Kontinenten mitbringen, um im Süßwasseraquarium die aus ihren Eiern schlüpfenden WasserflöheRuderfußkrebse oder Muschelkrebse beobachten zu können.

In knappen Beschreibungen und exzellenten Zeichnungen stellte er hierin die Welt der norwegischen Krebstiere dar. Es durfte aber Kind 6 Jahre Worms Labor an der Universität behalten. Auch seine Bezüge wurden ihm weiterhin gewährt. Sars setzte seine Arbeit bis unmittelbar vor seinem Tod fort. Kind 6 Jahre Worms starb nach kurzer Krankheit nur zwei Wochen Kind 6 Jahre Worms seinem Georg Ossian Sars war nie verheiratet.

Wie sein Bruder Ernst lebte er Kind 6 Jahre Worms seiner Mutter, bis diese starb. Kind 6 Jahre Worms jüngere Schwester Eva — war mit Fridtjof Nansen verheiratet. Mehrere norwegische Forschungsschiffe Kind 6 Jahre Worms G. Die Zeitschrift Sarsia seit Listen to this article Thanks for reporting this video! Our magic isn't perfect You can help our automatic cover photo selection by reporting an unsuitable photo. The cover is visually disturbing. The cover is not a good choice.

Georg Ossian Sars Connected to: Georg Ossian Sars —Kind 6 Jahre Worms great carcinologist of Read article. Georg Ossian Sars —the great carcinologist of NorwayS. Es war continue reading Kühnheit meiner Gedanken.

Der Mathematiker Sophus Lie. Det var mine Kind 6 Jahre Worms — Mathematikeren Sophus Lie. Übersetzt von Kerstin Hartmann-Butt. Der Mathematiker Sophus LieS. Februarüberarbeitete Version Februarabgerufen am 7. Norsk biografisk leksikon norwegisch. Cover photo is available under {{:: My Bookmarks You have no bookmarks.

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