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For full functionality of ResearchGate it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. A palaeobotanical analysis of the Pleistocene floras and vegetation in the Iberian Peninsula shows the existence of patched landscapes with Pinus woodlands, deciduous and cal Analyse auf der Wurm forests, parklands savannah-likeshrublands, steppes and grasslands.

Extinctions of Arctotertiary woody taxa are cal Analyse auf der Wurm during the Early and Middle Pleistocene, but glacial refugia Anzeichen von in menschlichen the survival of a number cal Analyse auf der Wurm temperate, Mediterranean and click here African woody angiosperms.

The responses of Iberian vegetation to climatic changes during the Pleistocene have been spatially and temporarily complex, including rapid changes of vegetation in parallel to orbital and suborbital variability, and situations of multi-centennial resilience or accommodation to climatic changes.

Regional characteristics emerged as soon as for the Middle Pleistocene, if not earlier: Ericaceae in the Atlantic coast indicating wetter climate, thermo-mediterranean elements in the south as currently, and broad-leaf trees in the northeastern. Overall, steppe landscapes and open Pinus woodlands prevailed over many continental regions during the cold spells of the Late Pleistocene.

The maintenance of a high phytodiversity during the glacials was linked to several refuge zones in the coastal shelves of the Mediterranean and intramountainous valleys. Northern Iberia, especially on coastal areas, was also patched with populations of tree species, and this is not only documented by palaeobotanical cal Analyse auf der Wurm pollen and charcoal but also postulated by phylogeographical cal Analyse auf der Wurm. Steppes, savannahs, forests and phytodiversity reservoirs during the Pleistocene in.

National University of Distance Education U. Broussonet, Montpellier, France. Extinctions of Arctotertiary woody taxa cal Analyse auf der Wurm recorded during the. Early and Middle Pleistocene, but glacial refugia facilitated the survival of a number of temperate. Mediterranean and Ibero-North African woody angiosperms. The responses of Iberian vegetation to climatic. Regional characteristics emerged as click as for the Middle Pleistocene.

Ericaceae in the Atlantic coast indicating wetter climate, thermo-mediterranean elements in. Overall, steppe cal Analyse auf der Wurm and open Pinus. Northern Iberia, especially on coastal areas, was.

Published materials dealing with vegetational landscapes of the. Iberian Pleistocene have considerably increased over the last few. This involves more studied sites, a broader time span, new. However, our knowledge of the. Pleistocene vegetation is still incomplete, and a review of these gaps.

This information will be presented by periods Early, Middle. A limitation to produce contending models of vegetation dynamics. Padul Florschütz et al. To correlate these data with. However, there are peculiarities, especially related. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology — Contents lists available at ScienceDirect. Present-day mosaics of climate and vegetation. Strong climatic and geographic gradients and topographic con.

Many factors have contributed to this richness, but tectonic. North Africa during the Late Tertiary, appear cal Analyse auf der Wurm relevant Rodrí. The orograph y of the Iberian P eninsula is ch aracterize d by. Current, and plausibly past vegetation distributions, were deeply.

Leoneses Mountains underline the most important limit between. These Atlantic regions are. The centre of the. North-West to the South-East and marks the limit between river. North-East Ebro Basin, with mm of annual precipitation.

Coastal eastern and southern lowlands exhibit mild. The geological map is puzzling Vera,but overall, the. Iberian Peninsula can be divided into a western, siliceous and an.

Map of the bioclimatic zones of Iberia with the main Pleistocene sites cited in the text. Correspondence names to numbers are included in Table 1. List of Pleistocene Iberian sites, location, type of data cal Analyse auf der Wurm and charcoalchronology and references.

Gómez-Orellana A Coruña 0 m asl. Uzquiano,m asl Charcoal. Uzquiano,80 m cal Analyse auf der Wurm Charcoal. López-Merino, m asl. Pleistocene — MIS 3. López-García, m asl. West — Northwestern Iberia. Terral m asl. Leeuwen m asl. Portuguese Extremadura m asl. MIS 3 Alcalde-Olivares et al. Flörschutz m asl. Burjachs and Allué, Barcelona m asl Charcoal. Pleistocene — MIS 2. Uzquiano, unpublished data m asl. Burjachs, m asl Charcoal. Leroy, Girona m asl.

Girona m asl. South — southeastern Iberia. Carrión and Van Geel, m asl. Reille, ; Ortiz et al. Suc and Popescu, 90 water depth m. Fletcher and Cal Analyse auf der Wurm, Alborán sea water depth m. Alborán sea water depth m. Magri and Parra, Gulf of Cadix water depth m. Logically, this partitioning is critical for the vegetation distribution. The Eurosiberian Region comprises a narrow band from the. Portugal, Tablette von Würmern Albin a climate characterized by high annual precipitation.

The Mediterranean Region occupies the rest of the Peninsula and the. Balearic Islands and enjoys a generally warmer and drier climate. Higher average temperatures allow the existence of a. Pistacia lentiscusCeratonia siliquaChamaerops humilisPinus hale. Quercus faginea and Quercus pyrenaicaand coniferous forests with. Pinus sylvestrisPinus nigraPinus pinasterand sporadically Juniperus. Coniferous open woodlands can reach and be. The aforementioned arid lands in cal Analyse auf der Wurm northeastern and southeast.

Poaceae such as Stipa and LygeumAsteraceae, Chenopodiaceae. The semi-arid southeastern is also characterized by Ibero. Maghreb ian, xerothermic elements such as Periploca angustifolia. Withania frutescensMaytenus senegalensisOsyris quadripartitaand. Tetraclinis articulataamong others Carrión et al. Popescu, started at 2. MIS98, and 96 Shackleton et al. The preparation of these cold MIS is already seen in. Two stages subdivide the Early. Olduvai Chron, http://biber-consulting.de/zumufyde/wie-zu-erkennen-dass-es-wuermer.php an astrochronological age of 1.

ICS jointly proposed learn more here the Early — Middle boundary of cal Analyse auf der Wurm. Pleistocene should be at the Brunhes — Matuyama magnetic reversal.

Gibbard and van Kolfschoten,

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